Field Crews

Kenny Kuhar
This is "where the rubber meets the road". If there is one critical path to a successful Survey effort, it is where and when the field crew arrives and the methodology with which the field work is performed. Our crews are equipped with the latest Topcon GPS and conventional (Total Station and Digital Level) ground traverse systems. Electronic field data collection systems are employed to allow for a seamless field-to-office transfer of survey data, then to digital processing for final (AutoCad/Carlson) drawing edit.

Our automated systems allow us to run 1, 2 or 3-man crews, as the project effort dictates. We have assembled a field force that can go toe-to-toe with any other. Often times site conditions can be unforgiving ... wetlands, right-of-way traffic, construction mayhem ... difficult to deal with. Calm, clear heads will prevail, and we do just that ... just ask our clients ... we deliver. Our experienced field crews have worked locally for years and can turn that experience into savings (time & money) for our clients. Our fleet of Chevy/GMC 4-wheel drive vehicles can handle any site terrain and never let us down. Let us prove it to you!